Summer 16’ hackathon recap

3 Jul '16

Hackathons are business distilled into a day: teamwork + idea = minimum viable product, with emphasis on teamwork. This hackathon was no different, so I’d like to thank my team-mates Jordan and Manuel for absolutely crushing not one but two projects. Here’s a photo of the mötley crüe, sans my beautiful self:

mötley crüe sans me

Because this was a $work hackathon, I can’t write too much about the first project, which was an infrastructure project using MySQL, Vagrant, Ansible, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, WTForms, and determination. Needless to say, we delivered.

State machines, SQL, IP networking and - oh my - generator expressions: whiteboarding state machines

However we had also lined up a second project for fun, because they’ll always be some downtime with three developers working on the same, small code-base. So I’ll write about that one instead.

There’s a doughnut club, and every Friday someone on the rota brings in doughnuts. Additionally, there’s always the odd birthday or reason for sugary treats. Normally, this involves a) delivering the sugary treats and b) emailing the lab to inform them of the sugary treats. Manuel figured we could do better. So we were proud to present our solution: Doughnut-as-a-Service.

My trusty Hakko FX-888D soldering iron, some buttons and a Raspberry Pi: work in progress

When you press the button, an email is sent. Simple.

Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy

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