Is Javascript development crazy?


24 Jan '16

Many web development components, such as bootstrap, jQuery, et al. suggest installation via bower, which is “A package manager for the web”. Sweet.

Bower is a command line utility. Install it with npm.

Now, I’m no Javacript expert, but I’m pretty sure npm stands for Node.js Package Manager. So what is bower good for? It doesn’t say. I’m not the only one with this question. And that’s just the package managers.

I’m going to stay away from Javascript frameworks as much as possible, especially for the backend. With CSS and Javascript support getting better - i.e. more uniform - it’s definitely an option to forgo all frameworks for small projects, even jQuery. This doesn’t mean avoiding Javascript pathologically, but javascript fatigue is most definitely a thing. Aparently, everybody is to blame.

javascript, madness

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