Fisherman, the fish shell manager

3 Jan '16 — last updated 18 Jun '17

Update 2016-01-04: Fisherman 0.2.0 released!

Update 2017-06-18: fixed links

I really, really like fish, the friendly interactive shell. The auto-complete alone is on a totally different level. I’d choose fish over zsh every time. Not only is it pretty, but everything just works, so you don’t have to spent half a day tweaking the prompt any more (slackers beware).

Okay, so this isn’t quite true for advanced themes. For that, you would have used oh-my-fish (OMF) or wahoo (dead link), before it was merged with OMF. But Jorge Bucaran, the author of wahoo and contributor to OMF has released fisherman. It’s sane, backwards compatible, and has continuous integration. What’s not to like?

Bonus: OMF would also execute a new shell on install. This made automated installations of themes impossible, as the script would just block. Fisherman doesn’t do this. This means that I can finally automate my shell setup, and pretty much all of the setup for a development machine.

So try it out today!

fish shell, Mac, OSX

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