A lack of thinking

The British outrage over Trump's latest is short-sighted

12 Dec '15 — last updated 14 Dec '15

N.B.: This article isn’t about Trump, he’s obviously still a madman Republican presidential candidate.

If I was American, and the British tried to ban a presidential candidate, I’d not only still vote for them, I’d be more likely to vote for them! (N.B.: This seems to be happening, if only I was quicker at writing these posts.)

It’s hard to see how he could have provoked more of a response. Even Mitt Romney failed to do that by insulting the country directly. And this is why it’s particularly stupid, because Trump’s game of succès de scandale fits the zeitgeist perfectly1.

The petition calling for a ban is at best ineffective. For example, it’s a bit of a “diplomatic issue” if the President of the USA is barred from entering your country. Who you inadvertently helped get elected. Oops. At which point, he’ll be unbarred. (I’m not the only person to apply a bit of logic.)

Although I wouldn’t mind experiencing more headlines involving “trump card” puns…

  1. [Citation needed] Maybe he’s secretly a genius? 

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