29 Nov '15

Finally got round to sorting out SSL. Until GitHub Pages supports SSL, I’m using CloudFlare like so many others. So far, it’s been a great experience. The setup instructions were incredibly clear, and the free account tier didn’t hurt either.

I think for some most tech products, a free tier makes sense. It’s the easiest way to get engineers to buy your product. I know I would use both GitHub and CloudFlare vs. either trying to do it myself or using a proprietary service that isn’t as upfront. This is something major tech companies have been terrible to pick up. I don’t know where this comes from. It’s possible this is simply an effect of being an outdated, big tech company with several layers of bullshit sales people between your engineers and your customers engineers. Possibly, most “enterprise” products being sold are actually horrible P.o.S. which need that kind of abstraction because you can’t be honest with your customers.

Wow, that got off track quickly. I might have to follow this up in a separate post! The hardest thing was probably making sure that my website contained no “http://” links, which would result in mixed security content and undermine SSL. Chrome and Firefox rightly protest if this happens though, you’ve just got to catch them all.

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